What is Praise in Motion's vision?

Of the many Biblical references to dance as a form of praise and worship, we have chosen Psalm 149:3, "Let them praise His name with dance," as our key verse.  In the classroom, Praise in Motion's mission is to train both the body and spirit of it's dancers. 


Technical excellence, though important, is nothing without direction in how to use those talents for the glory of the Lord.  God is great and He is worth of our praise.  He has showered us with His gifts. Of the many gifts that He has given, three of the most beautiful are the gifts of music, dance, and drama. Romans 6:13 says, "Use your whole body as a tool to do what is right for the glory of God."


Praise in Motion is more than people who just dance together.  Prayer and devotions are a regular part of every class, rehearsal and performance which bind us together as a ministering company.  Our desire is that wherever we may be, in the studio, at a church, in a theater, or out in the community, we will be representatives of a Christian organization molded after the example of Christ.  Also, that our music and dance always edifies Jesus Christ in order to exhibit our purpose of dancing for Him.

While the purpose of PIM is to encourage the use of the arts in worship we know that worship is more than what happens when we sign, dance, and perform for Him.  Worship is a way of life that includes loving Him, thanking Him and surrendering ourselves to Him every minute of every day.  Our vision is that one day all people will worship Him together continuously using every gift that they have been given.